Separation Agreements

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Fighting out a divorce in court can cause great emotional and financial strain for both sides. It can be a long, expensive process that damages everyone, including children. While litigation may turn out to be the best way to protect your interest in a divorce, you do have another option. A legal separation allows divorce to be handled in a more cooperative and affordable way.

At Ferguson Law Firm in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we represent civilians and military personnel in divorce cases, focusing on achieving outcomes that work for both parents and children. To discuss your situation with Fayetteville separation agreement attorney Patricia Ferguson, call our firm at 910-860-2889.

The Mandated Waiting Period

Couples seeking a divorce in our state are required to live separately for a year. While you may be required to go through this waiting period, there is nothing stopping you from putting together a separation agreement that covers important family law issues such as child custody and visitation, child supportproperty division and alimony.

By reaching a separation agreement, you can avoid the financial and emotional costs that come with a contested divorce. Once the documents are filed and the waiting period is over, your divorce will be considered uncontested, and your separation agreement essentially becomes your divorce decree.

A Better Way to Divorce

Wouldn’t it be great to have more control in making decisions that will have a lasting effect on you and your children? If you are still able to communicate effectively with your spouse, it may be the best option you have. Contact our firm today to arrange a consultation with an attorney.