Property Division

North Carolina Equitable Distribution Lawyer

Other than child custody and child support, property division is easily the most contentious issue in a divorce. Rather than spending a ton of money fighting each other for every last spoon in a house, it is beneficial to think outside the box when approaching property division. A skilled family law attorney can help you protect your property rights and maintain your dignity.

At Ferguson Law Firm, we work closely with civilians and military personnel who are going through divorce. Fayetteville property division attorney Patricia Ferguson chose family in order to help people. She understands how difficult divorce can be and will provide you with the honest advice and personal representation you need.

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Achieving a Lasting Resolution

Chances are your stuff is not worth as much as you think, and it would be unwise to engage in lengthy litigation over a couch you bought 15 years ago. It is important to identify the true value of all properties, assets and debt in order to gain a clear picture of what a fair property settlement will be.

Our firm is pragmatic in property division cases, focusing on achieving a fair result that works for both sides. It is presumed by law that a 50/50 settlement is equitable, but other factors come into play. For instance, the spouse who is now taking care of the children will likely receive more. Also, if adultery or the wasting of marital assets was involved in the breakup of the marriage, a spouse can be penalized for that.

Fighting for You

While we try to find a reasonable solution, not all parties are willing to be reasonable. When it is in our clients’ best interest, we will fight aggressively in court. Patricia Ferguson is a tough negotiator who won’t roll over easily and the other attorneys know it.

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